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is small in the University, I heard the most delicacy in Anhui area is Fuyang, because Fuyang has a chowhound. Fuyang film is small in my mind a delicacy in Fuyang. Steamed roll is a traditional snack in Anhui area has the characteristics of Fuyang characteristics, originated in the Ming Dynasty, it was said that Zhu Yuanzhang and Shen Wansan eat in the way down, the early folk called "powder bun", also known as Wansan volume. Later evolved into a volume of steamed bread.

Fuyang is the south do steamed roll the skin a few Spring rolls Spring rolls stacked together, then add cooked in soup in gluten, bean sprouts, coriander at the top, rolling into a cone, eat a little bit down from the inside of the food, eat more and more gluten, bean sprouts, is really cheap Fuyang steamed rolls and rich nutrition, is downright lazy food.

joined Fuyang and how to roll steamed

Fuyang, referred to as Fu, alias, Ru Yin, Yingzhou Shunchang, located in the northwest of Anhui Province, south of the North China plain. The northwest of Zhoukou city and Henan Province, adjacent to the West and Henan County, bordering the southwest of Henan and Xinyang City, north, northeast and adjacent to the Bozhou City, East and Huainan to the south, and Lu’an across Huaihe.

Fuyang is located in the city of Henan Province, East China economic circle, the combination of the Beijing Kowloon Economic Zone, the Yangtze River Delta economic circle of the direct radiation area, the Central Plains Economic Zone portal city. It is one of the three major hubs in Anhui, which has the unique advantage of the East and West, and the north of the south.

Fuyang again steamed roll has a good reputation and loyal consumers in the local, Fuyang good and to the volume is also a pretty good steamed to join the brand, has joined the prospect.

if you want to join the Anhui Fuyang good to roll film ideas, please leave a message below our website, let us know your willingness to join.

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