Electricity supplier is expected to help the furniture industry to get rid of the dilemma

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the past two years, the furniture industry has a new change, overproduction, product homogeneity seriously restricts the development of many furniture brands. Furniture business development to now, the market has been relatively mature industrial structure, the market size is also growing. However, behind the scenery of the furniture business, there are numerous problems have to face.

in 2015, almost a brand of furniture enterprises began to make corresponding adjustment and management layout. The surging tide of the market can also see the market trend of furniture building materials enterprises, in the fierce market environment, a lot of furniture companies have a more accurate self positioning. Today, the market is not good to do, the industry reshuffle is inevitable, competitive furniture brands are also looking forward to the improvement of market concentration, the superior bad him, the market competition pattern change.

restrictions and fetters.

In addition to the electricity supplier sales platform


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