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since embarked on a business such a path, and can stick to this path, basically have their own skills. In short, speaking of business management, each owner has its own originality, but I also have their own unique set of business to do business: pay attention to natural, and, if these three things are not, to shun, Austria, founder, and prestige, this is me the business of the.

the market economy is a competitive economy. Without competition, it means no development. How to survive in the competition and seek development, which is a big problem for all small and large retailers need to think and face.

is a good commodity. Money does not make money, goods is the key. For any business, the commodity marketable in order to win the market, in order to win consumers. I always take the business as an important part of the business, adhere to the commodity extension market, to win customers goods, commodity growth, to promote the development of commodities. To be good at digging the characteristics of goods. The characteristics of the commodity is the selling point of goods, only to seize the selling point, in order to ensure the success of the sale of goods. In order to ensure the quality of cigarettes, I have been to the tobacco sector to understand the common sense of cigarette storage, while the display of goods in good order to recommend to customers a variety of different grades of cigarettes.

two is better service. Today, the "service to win customers, to create value" business philosophy has been recognized by many retailers. As a member of the retail force, I am no exception. The business, I often told myself must be enthusiastic and sincere, sincerely treat every customer, the customer satisfaction as the highest pursuit, let the customer into the store, people feel warm; happy and satisfied.

three is a high reputation. Integrity, white is not to cheat customers, not fraud, to provide customers with satisfactory products and thoughtful service. Now the market competition is so fierce, in order to develop and maintain a customer is a very difficult thing, must be honest, honest, sincere, the only way to firmly grasp the customer’s heart. Years of operation so that I not only gain a foothold in the competition, but the business is getting better and better, which is the benefits of good faith.


is now a commercial society, however, the current market competition is extremely fierce. In short, the market competition is relentless, we as retail owners, in the face of peer competition to keep awake. Keep your business up when it’s booming, and when business is dull. Time to start small, do pay attention to important points and cautious, careful care. I think, the customer, is our friend, we have to think of every detail, to make them happy and satisfied.

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