Business people to be careful by the customer anti flicker

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now in this era, the increased awareness of self-protection of consumers, in the face of marketing can withstand temptation. Even consumers will turn fudge sales staff, dumbfounding. As entrepreneurs who want to do business, learn to prevent the customer flicker is very important.

A, to the customer itself: consumers first give you a false news, his large consumer, I hope you will give him the most preferential price, when you reveal the commodity price, he told you to buy price of single product, when using appropriate when the bulk purchase, but later a variety of results dodge.

two, illusion: tell you as long as the price is right, he will immediately make a decision, but the fact is constantly enquiring price, lower prices.

three, the misleading information of other brands for the goods discount preferential misleading, or competing products will increase to preferential price.

four, selective Description: some goods discount is packaged, consumers will have to reduce the price it apart are listed separately. What is more, the various manufacturers of preferential items into a preferential list, according to the requirements of the entire income.

five, try bargaining: sometimes the minds of consumers is not a spectrum, but were offered, some new sales result is a trap for gospel truth.

In fact, the whole process of

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