2016 Guizhou will continue to reform the commercial system to enhance economic vitality

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2015 year laid a very good foundation, is conducive to the development of entrepreneurship in 2016. Guizhou province continued to further promote the reform of commercial systems, for management activity continued to provide policy bonus system.

2 1, the Guizhou provincial Party Committee comprehensively deepen reform leading group held its nineteenth meeting. Guizhou provincial Party committee secretary of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform leading group leader Chen miner stressed the need to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of general secretary of the central comprehensively deepen reform and the twentieth meeting of the leading group and the spirit of the important speech by Xi Jinping, his focus, precise force, continue to further promote the reform of commercial system, vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. Continue to enhance the vitality of economic and social development momentum.

to attentively focus planning reform, timely follow-up the reform measures issued by the central government, highlighting the supply side structural reform, grasp the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform issues identified the main points of reform in 2016, the reform of the four beams eight columns properties clearly marked out. To accurately and effectively implement the reform, we must pay attention to promoting the reform of precise force, but also pay attention to the reform of precision landing. To fully implement the reform in place, so as to fulfill their duties and mutual cooperation, to form a powerful force of reform.

to continue to further promote the reform of commercial system, fully release the vitality of the market and the reform of the bonus. In the "wide" efforts, further decentralization, changing functions, accelerate the "three in one" and "one as a" code ", according to the first recommendation

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