2015 Hefei entrepreneurial environment more attractive

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Hefei in Central China as the most important traffic hub is a place of opportunity for many entrepreneurs, Hefei is an important member of the Yangtze River Delta city group, is also one of the Yangtze River city group four capital city. Whether from the geographical location, or regional economic development, the development of Hefei and the Yangtze River Delta are inextricably linked.

"the complicated relationship between Anhui and the Yangtze River delta." In terms of public transportation, now Hefei and the Yangtze River Delta comprehensive docking, to Nanjing for one hour, two hours to Shanghai, can be said to achieve a two hour economic circle, especially the implementation of the "city" and Nanjing, with the future of the high-speed railway, highway and the Yangtze River golden waterway development, the "city" will be more obvious.

"said several figures about in recent years, Hefei’s investment in fixed assets of 50%, 70% of the population of new jobs…… Through investment, half of these foreign investment from the Yangtze River Delta region." Industrial transfer and acceptance is the objective law of economic development, in the industrial transfer from the east to the Midwest, Anhui is the Yangtze River Delta industrial transfer to the Midwest bridgehead".

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