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we all know, is the clothing to join some entrepreneurs choice, this is a good way to start, it can be said that the apparel industry is a sunrise industry, because people demand for clothing is very large, so open a clothing store, will definitely be a good investment choice for many entrepreneurs. What are the techniques of clothing display?

1, random display

is the method of random packed goods. It is mainly suitable for the display of special goods, it is in order to give customers a "sale of goods that is cheap" impression. The use of random display of the display device used, usually round or four – shaped mesh basket, but also with a special sale of the prompt card.

2, disc display

is actually change neatly displayed, also showed the amount of goods, usually single style pieces arranged orderly packing, the goods is arranged at the bottom of cartons for disc cut after the stay, and then to disk as a unit piled up, it can speed up the speed of the fashion show, but also to some extent prompt customers you can buy in bulk.

3, positioning display

refers to some of the goods once to determine the location of display, generally no longer change. The need to locate the goods on display are usually well-known brand-name goods, customers to buy these goods with high frequency, the purchase amount is large, so the need for these goods to give a fixed position to display, for the convenience of the customer, especially the old customers.

4, associated display

5, comparative display

the same goods according to different specifications and quantity to be classified, and displayed together.

6, classified display

are classified according to the product quality, performance, characteristics and use of objects, to display the customer display method. It can be convenient for customers to choose between different color, quality and price.

for operators, how to display clothing is very important, good clothing line can not only create a good image of the store, but also to attract consumers to a certain extent, to a large extent, clothing display will often bring unexpected economic benefits to clothing to join in inn, is the key is to master the correct techniques.

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