2016 NPC and CPPCC who named Zhou Yongkang

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General Secretary Xi Jinping came to power, the case of corruption investigation and punishment is very strict, had shocked the people of the 2016 cases of corruption in China, the two countries have been mentioned again in the case of Zhou Yongkang. So, in the two sessions, who named Zhou Yongkang? Let’s have a look!

at the site of the "government" notice, two high work report mentioned Zhou Yongkang.


"concluded the Zhou Yongkang case, highlighting the party and the country severely punish corruption"

2015 NPC and CPPCC, released "Supreme People’s court annual report (2014)", the Supreme Court in   the annual report was first mentioned in Zhou Yongkang "violations of rule of law", "non political organization activities".

The report pointed out that "

in NPC and CPPCC during the year, the president of the Supreme People’s court Zhou Qiang was asked to investigate the above provincial and ministerial level leading cadres of the trial is how to arrange? Zhou Qiang said the trial according to law!" In response to the question of whether it will open trial, Zhou Qiang said, according to the law!"

"politics" notice, except in the NPC and CPPCC, the supreme law has repeatedly mentioned Zhou Yongkang’s voice.

2014 in July 30th, Zhou Yongkang sacked a day later, the highest law party meeting held that Zhou Yongkang to learn profound lessons, learn a lesson. And pointed out that Zhou Yongkang serious disciplinary problems, the fundamental reason is the ideals and beliefs of a problem, give up the transformation of the world, deviated from the purpose of serving the people, the party and the people power as a means for personal gain, override the party discipline, ten profound lessons.

2014 in August, the Supreme Law Seminar on the mobilization of education recommended

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