A 23 year old woman was killed by car body grass case cracked

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now appeared in the domestic taxi market a lot of black cars, such as the emergence of a number of black cars also brought a lot of hidden dangers to the public security, recently there was a girl killed by black car.

The morning of

9 11 months, Shandong Ji’nan a 23 year old girl Xiao Zheng put Connaught sunshine technology garden in front of a black car ride, then the driver was killed, dead. Finally the girl’s body was found in a cornfield in a remote village.

23 year old girl killed by black car. Not long ago, the emergence of the Ji’nan grassland women’s body caused a lot of attention, and now the identity of the victim has been identified. 23 year old girl was killed by black car, the day the girl took the black car to the unit, the result was killed on the way. According to witnesses, the 23 year old girl was killed by the black car, body buttocks exposed, suspected of sexual assault. According to the black car driver, said the murderer is a private car owners, not the black car circles.

found the body of Mr. Liu saw this scene, startled: "tummy, blond, estimated that the sample was about 20 years old, has a leg off, bare ass, feet wearing shoes, foot socks and no shoes. Listen to the police station, said the school students reported missing."

in the usual life, especially some of the girls must not easily take the attention of some of the black car, is really not safe, especially in some remote places at night and go out or be careful.


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