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want to eat better, eat healthy, delicious to eat, to choose more than auspicious fish? As we continue to improve the requirements of food, healthy and delicious food, is our best choice. Rui Yu joined the fish? Shop is earned!

Rui Yu fish is the authentic folk delicacy, after 100 years of sedimentation and spread. It uses the Millennium pottery jar, is made of black pottery with thousand years of history and technology, light texture, uniformity, thermal conductivity and temperature of polymer is very prominent, the baked food crisp and tender, and ensure the water does not drain, taste better.

Rui Yu fish in various fresh fish big fat as raw material, using a variety of "exclusive development of edible material package, the fish on the pottery jar, add the package material to process, and then use the marinated fish features process baked, finally provides a passion fish, spicy zest fishing fish, taste of natural flavor fermented black bean truffle farmyard harvest fish, fish and so on different series of secret fish delicacy for the majority of consumers.

joined Rui Yu fish project, we should choose! We all know that there is no big deal, not to eat a hot meal, not to eat two meals! So, to choose to join the Swiss fish more than good? Engage in health!

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