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electric car, just as its name implies is the need to charge, so each electric car needs to configure a charger. The charger is good or bad, the maintenance of the battery for the electric car will naturally have no general influence, because of this, the electric car charger market will have so many brands. Here, Xiao Bian to recommend the Chinese electric car charger for the top ten brands, so as to give more electric vehicle owners a better choice.

is one of the big four electric car electric car charger, a charging device is designed for the electric bicycle battery configuration, the superior performance of the electric vehicle charging charger when the battery can be protected effectively, prevent excessive battery charging, maintenance of electric vehicles life fundamentally; and a charger, not only short service life. Easy to damage, and has no protective effect on cell.

usually, we simply improper charger is one thing; but if there are problems, we will always complain about the bad electric vehicle charger; mobile phone list combined with various professional advice and information, summed up the 10 brand China electric car charger industry; later, we choose a time when the charger can be used as a reference:

Chinese electric car charger ten brand list NO.1: River (Jiangsu River Wo Wo tech tech Electronics Co. Ltd., building area of about 26000 square meters, the company has 5 "dust-free, anti-static, automatic charger, production workshop and more than 1000 yuan worth of the charger professional testing instruments and production equipment; production of charger the power adapter, capacity of more than 1000 Taiwan)

China electric car charger ten brands list NO.2: Nanjing teneng (Nanjing teneng Electronic Co. Ltd., began in 1995, high-tech enterprises, China earlier in the charging of electric control system, R & D and production of one of the enterprises, R & D and production of electric vehicle charger, low frequency electrodeless lamp company)

China electric car charger ten brands list NO.3: sciple (sciple Nanjing science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, the annual production capacity of 12 million units, the enterprise uses the international advanced production and testing equipment, has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, provincial quality inspection and certification, CE certification and a number of product patents.)

China electric car charger ten brands list NO.4: high standard (Guangdong GaoBiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, currently has a motorcycle / electric vehicle controller, electric vehicle anti-theft device, electric vehicle charger and electric transportation solutions to the four product line) < / p>

China electric vehicle charger ten brands list NO.5: run >

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