Decoration selection lighting need to master several principles

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affected by the policy, the real estate market has heated up, decoration lighting needs further increase. For many decoration people, the choice of lighting is not an easy thing, due to the lack of understanding, do not know what kind of choice of lighting, there are several major principles need to master the decoration.

: the principle of simplicity

Convenience Principle

energy saving principle

energy-saving light bulbs, energy-saving lighting is good, it will not emit too much heat, lamps for long. Energy saving bulbs are mostly standard screw, and the chandelier has two caliber, one is the standard, you can use energy-saving bulbs; one is non-standard, can not use energy-saving bulbs. When you choose to pay attention: most of the non energy saving lamps.

security principle

lamp manufacturers must choose formal. Regular products are marked with the total load, according to the total load, you can determine how many watts of light bulbs, especially for the most important chandelier, that is: the number of head × the number of watts per bulb = total load. In addition, large bathroom, kitchen should choose waterproof lamps.

function principle

coordination principleThe overall style of

on the market all kinds of lighting, a little trouble to choose, but must grasp the principle, we must choose to worry a lot. Home lighting must pay attention to both aesthetic and practical emphasis on any point will have a bad effect.

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