Convenience stores to join the project which is better

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market, there are a lot of businesses want to invest in the supermarket, because the industry is relatively large impact on people’s daily lives, so the investment advantage is obvious. Convenience stores to join the project which is better? Xiaobian for everyone to list.

A, Hualian Supermarket

in Bailian Group under the banner of hope in the company adhere to the mediation, the mediation being in the hope, transformation, lifting work pointer, through rapid hope, positive transformation, effective lifting, to achieve the expected economic targets, and make due contribution to the cause of super hope.

two, the family convenience store

2004 in July, the family convenience by Tinghsin (Cayman Islands) Holdings Ltd., Taiwan FamilyMart Limited by Share Ltd, Japan FamilyMart  Corporation, Itochu Corporation and Citic Trust Co jointly apply for the establishment of "Shanghai fumanjia convenience Co., responsible for   family FamilyMart convenience store in China operation.

three, xishiduo convenience store

> the convenience store has become

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