The overall planning of the city of Beijing officially introduced

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the development of a city, it can not be separated from its planners, only to y mobilize the inclusiveness of a city, can give people a degree of acceptance of a city. The fourteen session of the thirty-sixth meeting of the standing committee listened to the Municipal People’s Government on the "Beijing city master plan (2016 – 2030) (Draft)" report and related specifications, the new general regulations of the draft is divided into six parts, including the adjustment of city space layout.

since the founding of a total of 6 edition of the Beijing city master plan." Yesterday, the thirty-sixth meeting of the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government responsible person for the preparation of the overall planning of the draft background process, guiding ideology, planning and preparation features were reported. According to reports, after 2014, Beijing officially launched a new version of the general rules of preparation.

planning, the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Beijing two times as fundamental to follow, adhere to the "capital city strategic positioning four center", to fulfill the "four services" duties, after many opinions after the formation of the existing draft. It is understood that the city overall planning on the open plan compiled, invited leading experts around the world led participation, carried out nine and 38 special focus on research, and conducted a number of polls, to ensure the scientific and authoritative planning.

municipal government responsible person, the new city master plan to ease the non capital function oriented, adhere to the resources and environment carrying capacity as hard constraints, adhere to the urban and rural areas, more than one regulation, to curb the city pie type of development achieved by the expansion planning to optimize the structure of space planning.

to 2020 according to the total bill, and the city "build a harmonious world-class livable" will achieve the stage goal, to build the well-off society and the ease of non capital function and achieved remarkable results, highlighting the problem of large urban diseases "have been alleviated, optimizing capital core function, the initial formation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative the development, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

on the reform of Beijing, you can bring a better development, worthy of recognition by many people, much consumer attention. Beijing to build a harmonious world-class livable, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region to achieve a high level of coordinated development, to build a world-class city group in the capital as the core, good ecological environment, economic and cultural development, social harmony and stability.

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