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early canteen has a very large customer base, however, the times are different, the competition in various industries are becoming intense. In 2008, Huang Wansheng in Guangxi District of Qinzhou City Hedong District Ze source gate rented a less than 40 square meters of shops, business of groceries and cigarettes, can have two thousand or three thousand yuan monthly income, maintain one family living expenses.

With the continuous development of

development of the city, across the bridge across the river has opened two large department stores, Huarun million Tatsu supermarket, several new area surrounding the community also has a supermarket business, Mr Huang Wansheng’s business gradually came down, the monthly income dropped to 1000 yuan. In order to make a living, Huang Wansheng had no choice but to drive his motorcycle, stem from the "rub" passenger business.

2010 in the second half, next to a new estate hit the introduction of Hualian Supermarket advertising, Huang Wansheng learned that the news, can not sit down, and quickly find a customer manager to discuss countermeasures Liao Bin. Liao Bin conducted a detailed analysis, it is recommended that he changed the canteen into a convenience store, the implementation of a variety of business, driven by each other, to provide customers with the service can not provide the supermarket.

with the help of Liao Bin, Huang Wansheng began the transformation of the canteen three step song:

first step: expand the store. Huang Wansheng next door is the transfer of two shops rent down, after opening up enough to store hundreds of square meters, all of a sudden to solve the problem of pavement space.

second step: rich species. Huang Wansheng first from the cigarette, the original did not dare to buy or rarely purchased in the high-grade cigarettes, began to try to buy, cigarette inventory increased, varieties from low-grade cigarettes to high-grade cigarettes readily available. Because the retail price of cigarettes is unified, the area near the customer will not run away to go to the supermarket to buy.

Huang Wansheng also added three large shelves for Hawking household goods and small food, basically area residents daily needs can be bought in the shop, Huang Wansheng also went to a nearby supermarket to do a comparison, the commodity price tag and supermarket flat, and truly realize the "convenience".

third step: diversified business. Huang Wansheng also applied for the creation of a welfare lottery station. Although the income is not much, but the convenience of the district lottery, they often buy lottery tickets by way of buying cigarettes or daily necessities to go back, leading role is obvious." Huang Wansheng also found that two couples keep shop and free at the same time, the agency decided to bottled water, can open a motorcycle to the surrounding residents of water level, so.

is such a constant change, so that the canteen ushered in a very big change, more and more able to meet the needs of the market. So far, the canteen has successy become a set of smoke shops, convenience stores, lottery station, send recommendation

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