Haokelai steak investment details

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food and beverage industry is always a sunrise industry, if you want to invest in the catering industry, haokelai steak is a good choice. So, open haokelai steak stores how much money? We have the following specific look!

haokelai steak investment details:

if you open a hawker to stores, to consider investment has many aspects, one is the initial fee, store rent and decoration is the second, of course, also need to store haokelai steak equipment investment and other fees, the basic constructions need 20-50 million investment, the number of investment also need to store size and investment regional and.

haokelai steak jiamengfei

haokelai steak jiamengfei depending on the location, city size shops, in about 10-20 million.

haokelai steak shop rent and renovation costs

stores also need to consider the store rent and renovation costs. But haokelai headquarters Market Commissioner said that around the store rents are not the same, so partners can rent budget according to the size of the store and the local actual situation. The steak shop needs to pay attention to the decoration, decoration needs elegant fashion, a 50 square meter store renovation costs between $10 thousand to $50 thousand.

haokelai steak shop equipment and other expenses

steak shop, the need for professional production equipment. Haokelai steak shop equipment needed is provided by the headquarters. Hawker to remind friends open steak, steak is larger to please employees, so a part of wages is cost, and water and electricity charges should also be taken into account in the. Join haokelai steak, raw materials of this part can be at headquarters into the purchase, discount bargain.

through the above introduction, the haokelai steak stores how much have a specific understanding of it. Now this steak is popular in the country, prospect is also good, this time to open a haokelai steak shop is also a good choice for


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