How can Starbucks McDonald’s has 150 million fans all

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in order to be able to have more fans, and now many people may be the brand will spend money to buy fans, in order to be able to enhance the number of fans, many people can really fuck broken heart. However, a survey said that Starbucks, McDonald’s stores can radiate at least 1 billion of China’s population, the fans of the two plus up to 150 million. How do they have so many fans?

has said that Starbucks, McDonald’s stores can radiate at least 1 billion of China’s population, while WeChat’s report on the number of WeChat registered users about 900 million. Both of them are the national key words, suction powder big coffee, Starbucks, McDonald’s two fans together up to 150 million. How do they have so many fans?


lock first step

for the first time we bought Starbucks coffee, and the waiter recommended them. By keeping the amount of Starbucks in the case of the number of fans unchanged, profits have doubled. And bind a fan. Then there are relatives and friends to invite coupons, breakfast coffee coupons, cup volume. The first of these designs allows you to invite other new fans to drink coffee, in fact, is to allow fans to help them catch the hidden, behind the two design, mainly to allow fans to feel the value of the fare. Then the fans feel that their identity has changed, with a sense of existence. And enjoy the wonderful place of the stars, is the design of the upgrade system, people like to upgrade the nature, people go to the top, water flow to the lower.

let’s take a look at McDonald’s.. Fans only need to pay attention to McDonald’s public account, click on the "membership card privileges," the details of the page to get McDonald’s product information, McDonald’s launched the tea card service, priced at 3 yuan. Fans can buy directly in WeChat, payment can only choose the Tencent’s TenPay or bank card payment directly, buy the "tea cards" to buy the product at McDonald’s store when you can enjoy the preferential. Through these methods, Starbucks, McDonald’s first step bound fans.

brand upgrade to follow fans change

McDonald’s FMCG product attributes are different from durable consumer goods, consumers will make a quick decision to buy, it is more routine, so the brand strategy has always stressed the daily life of McDonald’s accompanied. McDonald’s slogan evolved with the times, 2010 is "make room for happiness", the social environment at that time is to work hard, let the fans feel that McDonald’s in the fierce competition still has it with you. By 2014, slogan brand to "let good together" when I have McDonald’s fans — China the first child has entered the community and have their own family, so you can see.

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