Financing 3 billion 500 million key projects to protect the implementation of

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In October 30th, the reporter learned from relevant departments, Xining city Cci Capital Ltd in the early two successfully issued a total of 2 billion 300 million yuan of corporate bonds, and actively cooperate with the relevant financial institutions, innovative financing channels, approved in October 24 by the inter-bank market dealers association, successfully registered the scale of 2 billion 500 million yuan of medium-term notes and 1 billion yuan of short-term financing bonds. According to the company staff, the successful registration of the medium-term notes and short-term financing bills, will provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of key construction projects in our city. At the same time, the successful registration of the company not only open up the financing channels in the capital market, and makes up the blank of direct financing by the inter-bank market dealers association of financing tools, effectively reducing the cost of financing, enhance the flexibility in the use of funds, financing ability greatly improved. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, in the future the company will further expand the direct financing channels, make full use of a variety of direct financing tools to enhance hematopoietic function. To effectively meet the financing needs of key projects at the same time, take the initiative to adapt to the new policy and market demand, promote their healthy development, to provide funding for infrastructure construction in our city, and contribute to the development of the city.  

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