Conscientiously study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping visited the

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conscientiously study and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai

General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "four solid" significant requirements in our province to visit, this is my province reform stable basically follow and programme of action for development of the current and future periods, also marks the development of Qinghai has entered into a new stage of history.

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political line is determined, the cadres are the decisive factors. At present, learning to implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Xi, is placed in front of the province’s most important, the most realistic and most urgent primary political task. The importance of the province’s party members and cadres from the ideological to fully understand the spirit of the speech, reinforcement learning and implementing the spirit of the speech of the sense of responsibility and urgency, give full play to the exemplary role, take the lead, take the lead in promoting the work, in-depth study and grasp the lead team construction, truly speak words armed mind, spirit and mobilize the masses, to guide practice and promote the work.

to take the lead in depth study, in learning to understand the depth of learning as an example. The majority of Party members and cadres, especially the units and departments at all levels of leaders should learn to go in depth first, word for word and sentence for sentence to seriously study the spirit of deep understanding speech to eat. Further studies, is to focus on system, connection and development point of view to understand and grasp, especially the scientific connotation and the spiritual essence and to identify the "four major solid" requirements, internal relations and practical requirements to "four solid" major requirements and the development of Qinghai, and the strategic significance of each "solid" request and target, to guide and lead the masses to learn the spirit of the speech, so popular, become a powerful ideological weapon to guide practice.

to take the lead in promoting work, set an example, above the rate. Sit and talk about the need to do more, learn and implement the spirit of the important speech of the general secretary of the focus on implementation. The majority of Party members and cadres should learn and learn to do two "together, combined with the local area of the units of the department work, to study and implement the" four solid "should be reflected in the present work, in theory and practice, improve the style of work as pioneer for example, dare to be responsible, the courage to play, in order to model action to promote the implementation of work and problem solving. The control of major requirements, find out the gap, to learn, to enact legislation to change the weak link in a major breakthrough, the new improvement.

should take the lead to improve the style, good cadre team construction. In such a difficult area of Qinghai, director of entrepreneurship must be a person, I’m ten, to pay extraordinary efforts, the quality of Party members and cadres, ability, style is more important. Therefore, cultivating a rational structure, good quality, vibrant cadres, can do Gangjumuzhang, multiplier. Study and implement the spirit of the speech habits, development direction and focus around the province, starting from solving the outstanding problems on the style, to implement the spirit of the important speech, to improve the quality of cadres, improve the combat effectiveness of grassroots organizations, to improve the ability of mass work under the new situation, settled to do the work of reform development and stability on. Focus on strengthening the political cadres at all levels to play, enhance Party members and cadres of party spirit, training and;

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