Four departments jointly issued a notice to further promote the construction of industrial injury in

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recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, housing and urban construction department, Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Federation of trade unions jointly issued the "on further promoting the construction of work-related injury insurance work notice", to further improve the construction industry, extending the coverage of the insured work-related injury identification, handling management services, publicity and training, supervision and inspection work to make comprehensive arrangements.

notice that the overall region should according to the requirements of "unified plan to further improve the construction work injury insurance implementation plan" and the goal, to complete the new project all insured, in the construction of the project more than 80% to participate in industrial injury insurance tasks; to maximize shorten the process, simplify procedures, avoid and delay the construction permit application for for the proof of insurance. Do not receive construction permits for the construction of the project, the labor and social security supervision, social security agencies to intervene early, urge construction projects to participate in industrial injury insurance. For the occurrence of the site, the facts are clear, the parties to the dispute is not the case, the general should be made within 10 days of the determination of work-related injuries, as far as possible to shorten the time limit for payment.

notice stressed that the people of all sectors of the social sector to do construction enterprises, construction projects registered insurance, injury insurance premiums collection, work-related injuries identified, the ability to work, pay treatment, etc.. The Department of housing and urban construction projects to participate in work-related injury insurance proof as a precondition of the construction administrative departments of the audit safety production license and apply for the "construction permit", supervise the construction enterprises and projects to participate in work-related injury insurance according to law. Safety supervision departments to urge the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision and inspection of construction enterprises and their projects to implement safety measures to investigate illegal construction practices. Trade union organizations to provide support and help to safeguard the rights and interests of workers. Four departments will be carried out in conjunction with the construction enterprises to participate in the joint inspection work. To refuse to participate in industrial injury insurance construction enterprises to be corrected, the circumstances are serious exposure.


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