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Culture is the soul of a nation, according to the blood, is the basis for the survival and development of a nation.

contains vast history, continuation of nationalism, carrying things change…… Thousands of years of history power, long history, rich heritage breeds the vast breadth of Qinghai plateau culture.

inheriting the essence of traditional culture, and actively promote the culture of innovation. Our province to cultural construction as the goal, in-depth implementation of the "cultural Huimin" project, efforts to enhance the cultural soft power, cultural infrastructure construction, mass culture and brand creation, cultural industry development, the level of public cultural services and other work has made considerable progress, cultural industry has shown good momentum of vigorous development.

in urban areas, libraries, museums, science museums everywhere is the quest for knowledge and figure; with citizens active in the community, squares and parks, with the cheerful music dance; in the countryside, farmers and herdsmen to learn scientific and cultural knowledge in the farm house with bright windows and clean tables, participate in training and learning, entertainment and fitness facilities in the comprehensive cultural station…… Public cultural services covering urban and rural areas, rich and colorful cultural activities to enrich the lives of urban and rural residents in our province.

Zhenjinbaiyin spawned a cultural Huimin project, is to allow more people to benefit from. Our province has initially formed a five public cultural service network, open up public cultural services, the last mile". The provincial government issued "to further strengthen the grassroots cultural construction in our province opinions", set up special funds for rural culture construction in Qinghai Province, the provincial government on the province’s 4169 administrative villages in each village every year 10 thousand yuan subsidy, the basic solution of grassroots cultural activities.

began implementation of public libraries and cultural centers (stations) from 2012, the museum is open free to implement free and open 277 million yuan of special funds, the province’s 49 public libraries, 55 cultural centers, 16 museums and 349 township cultural stations, to achieve full accessibility. Cultural Huimin, so that the people of our province has been the real benefits, but also activate the cultural awareness of the whole society. The people are the beneficiaries of the culture, but also become the creators of culture, cultural construction has opened a new chapter of spontaneous.

the inheritance and development as the focus, increase the intangible cultural heritage, cultural relics protection efforts. La ruins protection in 2011 invested 3 million yuan,;

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