Datong County the various functional departments to seriously carry out the third session of the ma

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to do a good job of food safety work of the third classic mountain flowers during the county food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee Coordination Office of food security during the work of departments, conscientiously carry out activities in the township organization has issued a document at the same time, the use of radio and television media "and" June six "the flowers will be food safety warning that" and "on the prevention of food poisoning warning" beans. Two warning to remind the masses and various functional departments, where the "June six" during the flowers will provide consumers with all food and food production operators must conscientiously implement the "food safety law", to provide security for the vast number of consumers of food hygiene. Strict food and raw materials of the cable card ticket system, the prohibition of the production and operation of spoilage, expiration mildew, no site, no production license, no inspection certificate of the "three noes" of the food; the vast number of consumers to buy food when eating, please choose the license of catering and food production and business units, do not buy food in the absence of dust and flies, facilities and stalls without license. When buying food to see food production units, production license, production date and shelf life, not to buy "three noes" of the food; food safety supervision departments of county government conscientiously perform their duties, do personnel and responsibilities, and severely punish illegal behavior of engaging in food production and operation in accordance with the law, the timely processing of consumer complaints reported cases. To ensure food safety during the activity. Announced the relevant complaints telephone complaints. In July to September is the edible beans caused food poisoning period, in order to prevent edible beans caused by collective food poisoning accidents, warning all kinds of construction sites, nurseries, schools, enterprises and institutions canteens prohibited procurement, processing and cooking beans. The residents of the home to eat beans in the correct food processing methods, namely: buy fresh beans – clean – boiling water cooked (no beany flavor) – cold boiling water immersion, after eating fried (preferably not salad). After eating beans, but the occurrence of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, burning sensation and other symptoms of the stomach, immediately to the local medical institutions.

County Administration for Industry and Commerce set up a leading group of food safety supervision during the flower festival activities. Strict flower will be the main access to the food market, the focus on strengthening the subsequent regulatory approval, can not meet the access conditions, according to the law to revoke the license. Adhere to strict examination and approval, review, implementation, management of fixed posts of street food business, to resolutely ban not up to the conditions. Increase the focus on food regulation, the closely related with people’s consumption of grain, meat, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, children’s food, beverage, dairy products, wine as a regulatory focus, to crack down on sales of adulterated, shoddy, expired moldy, "three noes" of food and other substandard food violations, timely;

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