8 units this year to accept public exams

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recently, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau issued "on the depth of the city in the 2014 annual report to the people, please review the people live" activities of the notice ", decided to 8 units in the year (industry) to carry out the report to the people, please review the people" live activities.

2013, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the city housing security and Housing Management Bureau, Xining branch of China Unicom launched the "report to the people, please review the people" live, let the whole people listen to, supervision and evaluation work and focus on the promise situation, people think with the aim of promoting the high starting point, high quality, high efficiency of the work of advancing. In the whole society has aroused strong repercussions, and achieved good social effects, this event was selected in Xining 2013 news of the year ten.

in order to further strengthen the government’s responsibility for serving the masses, the close relationship between the party and the government and the people, strengthen social supervision and supervision by the masses of efforts to improve the work style of cadres, improve administrative efficiency, optimize the development environment. The City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau in June and November two in the city of human resources and Social Security Bureau, city traffic bureau, city administrative law enforcement bureau, Xining branch of China Telecom and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the city health and Family Planning Commission and the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, city water supply (Group) company to carry out "people’s report, please review the people" live activities. Carry out the "report to the people, please review the people" is implementing the provincial and municipal Party spirit, an important measure of building people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, the city is to strengthen the construction of government efficiency, optimize the development environment, the practice of city of the core values of the practical needs, is to carry out the party’s practice carrier the mass line of educational practice, the city is also the leading cadres at all levels to maintain the purity of the party, close party, livelihood concerns of action. Then, 8 key participating departments will enter the studio to accept public exams, let the masses take "ruler" to help the department according to the "mirror".


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