The construction of underground pipe gallery in the city of Hunan Province

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this year, our province in accordance with the "based on the current and long-term, the first underground after earth, new concept first planning, the construction of the underground pipe gallery construction as an important content of the new urbanization development, strengthen the city underground pipe gallery planning, financing channels, increase coordination efforts sure, the progress of underground pipe gallery construction work smoothly. The task started construction in Qinghai province 50.29 kilometers underground pipe gallery plan, at present, has started construction of 47.81 km (Xining city started 27.77 kilometers, 20.04 kilometers east of the sea city construction, the completion of the annual construction tasks) the amount of 95%, is expected by the end of may complete the objectives and tasks.

it is understood that in order to do a good job in our province city underground pipe gallery, our province has issued "on accelerating the urban infrastructure construction advice" "on the strengthening of urban underground pipeline construction management advice notice" "on the urban underground pipe gallery construction opinions", strengthen the policy guidance clearly, Xining City, East Sea city to accelerate the construction of underground pipe gallery; the city to actively promote the construction of underground pipe gallery; new urbanization plan "county to city" and other conditions of the town to the timely start construction of underground pipe gallery.

at the same time, launched a city and county underground pipeline census. Up to now, the province completed a total of 11500 kilometers of underground pipelines in the city, laying the foundation for the planning and construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery. Adhere to the "first planning, construction" principle, according to the "city underground pipe gallery project planning guidelines", the "Xining city underground pipe gallery project planning", "sea east of the core area of the city underground pipe gallery planning" planning, clear the city planning area within the scope of water supply and drainage, gas, heat, electricity, communications, radio and television industry, etc. all the pipeline corridor. Formulated the "opinions" on promoting the construction of urban underground pipe gallery, built a number of advanced level of urban underground pipe gallery and put into operation, improve the road zipper problem, proposes the objectives and tasks, significantly enhance the urban landscape significantly improved main city underground pipeline safety and disaster prevention ability.

the next step, according to the Ministry of finance, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction work arrangements, the province will further strengthen the main responsibility, strengthen the supervision of Xining City, East Sea city, improve the relevant engineering procedures, to ensure the completion of our province to 50.29 km underground pipe gallery construction task. Supervision over the strict compliance with the basic construction procedures, the "four system" management, standardize the bidding behavior, the implementation of construction of the parties to the main responsibility for quality and safety, earnestly strengthen the quality and safety supervision throughout the whole process of planning, construction and operation. At the same time, actively broaden the financing channels, the establishment of public financial investment led, diversified financing combined investment and financing system. Research and development of underground pipe gallery construction supervision and evaluation mechanism, regularly carry out special inspectors, quarterly annual assessment, improve the performance appraisal rules, the cost of special regulatory requirements. In the whole process of implementation of the project to carry out the performance evaluation of underground comprehensive pipe gallery construction, supervision of construction units;

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