People can easily deal with dust weather

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from the beginning of March 9th dust weather, the city’s normal life and travel have an impact. People in the personal protection and purification of the environment and other means to deal with dust weather.

citizens busy cleaning air

dry weather brings dry air and dust smell, so that the population of dry nose. Many people have come up with a number of ways to deal with the family, and some use humidifier to purify the air in the home, and some flowers and grass to add some moisture to the home, and some fish or put a few pots of water to keep moist.

Keep close at home

in elderly patients

annual dust weather, the hospital respiratory disease patients and elderly patients increased. Dust weather this year, some elderly patients choose to rest at home. Public Aunt Chen told reporters: in previous years, I encountered this kind of weather, I flustered shortness of breath, even when serious hospitalization. This year, dust weather way, I will keep close at home, at home."

mask mask

dust weather so that people with a strong sense of health care have to wear masks to prevent breathing polluted air. March 11th, the owner of a mask to sell, told reporters that the past few days to buy masks more people, his business is good, only in the afternoon of March 10th to sell dozens of masks. (author: Wang Zi)



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