Fourth sewage treatment plant put into operation yesterday

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Wash your face, wash vegetables and water…… Residents of the Beichuan River, Nanchuan river area sewage will be discharged into? Fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant when running? How to deal with domestic sewage, in order to discharge standards?…… In the ardent expectations of the public, in October 20th, the reporter came to the city sewage treatment Co., Ltd. to understand, that fourth sewage treatment plant has been running water, sewage treatment plant is expected in mid November, the inflow of water running fifth. Fourth sewage treatment plant has been put into operation according to the Xining municipal sewage treatment Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Jinzhong introduction, in October 20th, the fourth sewage treatment plant has begun to run water. However, if we want to meet the emissions, but also need to be adjusted after 40-50 days of linkage, due to the low temperature in winter, it is difficult to cultivate activated sludge. The fifth sewage treatment plant is expected in mid November water running, early next year can be discharged. Fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant officially put into operation, can be treated with 30 thousand tons of domestic sewage. Li Jinzhong is responsible for the sewage in Beichuan, Nanchuan said, originally, the entire area, living area, Nanchuan Xigang west of the new city, town, DOPA, DOPA training base sewage, some are processed by other sewage treatment plants, some were quietly discharged into the river. Fourth sewage treatment plant operation, mainly responsible for the treatment of domestic sewage in these areas, to solve the difficult problem of domestic sewage treatment. Prior to the Beichuan area, the vast majority of industrial areas, less domestic sewage, the basic will be distributed to other nearby sewage treatment plant for treatment. But in the university city is completed, taking into account the amount of sewage will increase the sewage to nearby emissions, therefore, built fifth sewage treatment plants, responsible for Beichuan University of Changning Science Park, biological park and Industrial Park sewage. Level A standards can be directly discharged into the river Li Jinzhong said that in the domestic sewage, there are a large part of the cosmetics sewage. These sewage contains a large number of heavy metals, simply rely on the river’s self purification, simply can not be cleaned, need to be treated through the sewage treatment plant in order to clean. Fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant in the treatment of sewage, through the water running, to take the linkage debugging, and then, within 40-50 days, the cultivation of activated sludge, which is to cultivate bacteria. The bacteria cultivated in the pool, used to digest the waste water, after purification precipitation, the available water into the river. He said that after fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant after treatment, discharged into the river water can reach the national level A standard.  

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