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to prevent and combat criminals card illegal and criminal activities, the use of non real name phone in January 28th, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Provincial Communications Authority, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, jointly held the "black card" governance special action video conference, will be combined with a one-year call "black card" governance special action in the province to carry out.

call "black card" refers to real name registration and use of criminals to spread pornographic information, the implementation of mobile phone fraud information, organization and implementation of terrorist activities and other criminal activities of the card (including unlimited card).

Adhere to the fight and the source of governance combined with

this special action, the establishment of the "black card" management coordination mechanism, strengthen the prevention of call "black card" source, to crack down on the use of "black card" the implementation of criminal acts. Increase the investigation and remediation of telephone "black card" source, take the initiative to find online dissemination of pornographic, violent fear audio and video, transactions involving firearms and explosives and other contraband illegal information, phone number and network account, and shall investigate and deal with illegal information release. The local electronic commerce website, supply and demand information release website and WeChat public accounts and other Internet service providers to carry out supervision and inspection, strict inspection card, mobile phone card sales subject to legal qualification, did not obtain the relevant qualifications, timely notify the relevant departments closed shop, delete advertising information. Increase the social marketing channels and mobile vendors selling non real name phone cards, theft of other people’s identity information for false registration and other irregularities. For the inspection of law enforcement and police investigation found that criminal cases in the "black card", according to the law to inform the relevant departments to promptly shut down, and the outflow channels of investigation.


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