Yushu Zaduo earthquake frequent 3000 herdsman houses damaged

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, a reporter from the Qinghai Provincial Seismological Bureau was informed that Yushu Zaduo earthquake frequent aftershocks, as of October 18th 20, Qinghai earthquake aftershocks were recorded a total of 541, of which 5 ~ 5.9 earthquake in 0, 4 to 4.9 earthquake in 1, 3 to 3.9 earthquake 5.

day at 14:10, the provincial government working group arrived in Yushu Batang airport vice governor Kuang Chung led by provincial earthquake, civil affairs, land, transportation, health and Family Planning Commission, emergency management office and other departments responsible comrades of the working group on the China Earthquake Administration, a line of 11 people arrived in the same plane. Kuang Yong at the airport to visit condolences to all the members of the field work, thanks to the strong support of the China Earthquake Administration, while on-site emergency response requirements. Subsequently, the provincial government working group arrived in Zaduo County in 17, the China Earthquake Administration Working Group on the scene with the early arrival of the Seismological Bureau of Qinghai Province field work team, complete the on-site command set, and set up a mobile observation stations in a village, now start work station.

Zaduo county government according to preliminary statistics, the current individual household houses collapsed and damaged houses more than 3000 herders; the traffic flow, some sections are rolling stone sliding phenomenon of backer, but does not affect the traffic; public service facilities such as power and communication are not affected.

currently, zadoi county finance has allocated 3 million yuan of emergency funds for disaster prevention and emergency rescue and disaster relief and temporary resettlement. County Civil Affairs Bureau of the inventory of the top 300 tents were distributed to the residents of the county, the State Administration of Civil Affairs emergency allocation of the tent arrived in the disaster area this morning in the morning of. At the same time, the integration of resources, the county is also the county hospital, CDC and the Tibetan Hospital who established 3 medical treatment point, the earthquake wounded admitted to emergency preparedness; set up temporary shelters in 9 County District, the township and village were also set up settlements, centralized, decentralized, independent placement the way of investigation of 3421 households of more than 11900 people were resettled.

it is understood that the current Zaduo area because of the recent emergence of snowfall and very cold, and the affected people live in scattered, traffic inconvenience, mass resettlement difficulties, need tents, blankets, winter quilts and other supplies.


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