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– I will start the urban section of the Huangshui River water conservancy function and landscape upgrade project   – will change the implementation of the water pollution; Qingzhuo shunt   – to build the urban section of 6.8 kilometers of green corridor

to solve the problem of water conservancy and water landscape in Huangshui River District section, change the status of sediment, water pollution and poor landscape river embankment, the municipal government decided, will continue to force, start the Huangshui River at the urban section water conservancy function and landscape upgrade project.

facelift, perseverance to promote

of the Huangshui River, the ancient raised the mother river of Xining, over the years because of various reasons and scarred. Over the years, the city changed the Huangshui River face to persevere, the implementation of the 2006 staging governance of Huangshui River in 2000, to solve the problem of urban flood control safety, flood control standards to improve the hundred years. At the same time, the city built a multi rubber dam, the formation of landscape water, combined with the main dike were green banks, in order to ensure flood safety, to improve the environment play a huge role.

yellow, the overall sense is still poor


River Huangshui efforts still need to further increase the Huangshui River, there are still some problems, the first is the overall sensory color yellow water — poor, low, early implementation of the project can not achieve the hydrostatic settling function, ecological governance still needs further promotion; local greening simple, old pavement, shore local landscape needs to be improved etc..

upgrade, will melt the concept of ecological restoration

plans to implement the urban section of the Huangshui River water conservancy function and landscape upgrade project, initially identified as the West Lake Bridge upstream diversion, road bridge east of visitors, a total length of 6.8 km. Through the water diversion, river dredging, demolition of the dam, and the reconstruction of new hydraulic lifting dam, a cantilevered shore local planters and other measures to ensure flood safety, water conservancy and restore the original function, realize the continuous Qingzhuo shunt, storage water, local green complex. The project aims to combine ecological restoration and landscape construction, the project will be promoted by a single management to the depth of governance, the implementation of comprehensive management. At present, has been commissioned by the court, the the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission under the the Yellow River survey and planning and Design Co., Ltd. Duan Huangshui urban transformation project, and strive to start construction as soon as possible.


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