Xining municipal judicial administrative work conference

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  February 25th, the Xining municipal judicial administrative work conference, the meeting summed up the work in 2013, the deployment of the work of the task in 2014.

vice mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau Zhang Qian attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Meeting the requirements of the county, judicial and administrative authorities at all levels should take full responsibilities and do a solid job to lead the coordination work, carefully judged the new situation and new problems of the construction of rule of law in Xining, the implementation of various initiatives, push forward the construction of rule of law in Xining. In 2013, a powerful guidance municipal government’s correct leadership and the Department of justice, judicial and administrative work of the city closely around the central task, adhere to the people-oriented, serving the people, based on the peace Xining, Xining building the rule of law, perform their functions, be enthusiastic and press on all work to maintain a good, forward momentum, to achieve a new development. Made new achievements, presents a new bright spot, made a positive contribution to the maintenance of social harmony and stability, promote the city’s economic and social development. To further improve the city’s judicial and administrative work, meeting requirements, to accurately grasp the situation, to further establish a new concept of judicial administration. In the service of the city’s economic and social development, to provide quality and efficient legal services; in maintaining social harmony and stability, to fulfill the legal protection function. To promote the rule of law, promote the rule of law in Xining. To conscientiously perform their duties, to further play the role of judicial administration in promoting the city’s economic and social harmony and stability of the development of the important role. To strengthen self construction, and constantly create a new situation of judicial administration.


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