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9 27, the province’s G20 summit and the special dimension of security work in recognition of the summary of the teleconference held. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial maintenance and stability of the leading group leader Wang Jianjun, Provincial Standing Committee, political and Law Committee Secretary Wang Xiaoyong speech, deputy governor presided over the Qinghai Armed Police Corps commander Yang Xiong attended the.

Wang Jianjun on behalf of the provincial government to the province’s G20 summit and special security and stability of the work of the recognition of the collective and individual congratulations, and consolidate the stability of the results, the next step to make a good job requirements. He pointed out that the stability is the work of Qinghai’s bottom line, is a concrete manifestation of politics, to think more politically and identify problems, see issues from the national security, social stability and people’s well-being, always firmly grasp the initiative and stability initiative. To firmly establish the bottom line of thinking, always keep vigilant awareness, always maintain a nip in the bud of the political force, always strengthen the responsibility of work, with a high sense of crisis and sense of responsibility, strong sensitivity, predictability, decisiveness, consolidate and develop the stable situation not easily won. To solve our province in the political security, economic operation, social stability and ecological security, network security, ideology, focus on the change of other aspects of the existing problems and issues, help, not chaos for national stability.

Wang Jianjun stressed that the realization of long-term stability, maintaining social stability, has always been a major political task. To do a good job of prevention, identify the focal point of the work, the overall implementation of the strategy, precise force. To firmly establish the hearts of the people is the greatest political thought, do a solid job to fight the hearts of the people. We must continue to promote the building of advanced areas of national unity and progress, and constantly consolidate the basis of national and religious stability. To further promote the construction of peace in Qinghai, and constantly strengthen social governance. We should vigorously promote the rule of law in Qinghai, and strive to improve the level of governance according to law. To do things as the center, establish and improve the normal dimensional stability mechanism, and strive to create a new situation in the province’s stability.

Wang Xiaoyong summed up the achievements and experience of the province’s G20 summit and special stability security work, and make arrangements for the next dimension stability. He pointed out that to strengthen confidence, adhere to the concept of law dimension steady guide practice; to make up the short board, to strengthen the basic work; to focus, establish a sound long-term mechanism; to adhere to the problem oriented, timely grasp the dynamics and eliminate potential risks; to adjust the center of gravity, good stability work of the new campaign.


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