Stay at home and learn knowledge the activities of three rural areas in the north of Xining

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December 8th, bustling small square Zhu Bei Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining city. Theatrical performances, clinic, consultation, issuing leaflets…… North of the city of culture and science and technology, health, three rural activities officially launched.
as the winter sun warm people, square hung banners. North District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, maternal and child health care hospital, science and Technology Bureau, Justice Bureau, social development bureau, Cultural Bureau and other departments of the scene to accept the advice of the villagers. Wonderful performances won the applause of the villagers.
: you see the villagers Zhu his face beaming with joy, help the aged and the young, came to the square, watching performances, watching the exhibition publicity, publicity, technical knowledge consulting farm, to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and the maternal and child health hospital doctor health knowledge. Villagers Zhu Shenglong said excitedly, "three rural" so that the villagers will be able to learn real knowledge.
it is understood that the North District Health Culture and technology "three activities going to the countryside" the theme of "Harmonious Culture — 100 North Health Science and technology personnel" three countryside activities. "". Activities in the region to the rural cultural department will organize theatrical performances donated books and team performance, organization of calligraphy expertise personnel for farmer field writing couplets; District Science and Technology Department of scientific and technical personnel through consultation organized practical technical training in rural areas, and other forms, to impart scientific knowledge of farmers, agriculture and Forestry Animal Husbandry Bureau organized personnel to carry out water supply agricultural science and technology books, planting, aquaculture and technical advisory services, training and other activities; the district health department consists of medical teams to rural and city community free medical tour, songyisongyao to the countryside, and to carry out health education activities, training of township and village two health organization and city community health service medical personnel, improve their the level of medical technology and the ideological and moral qualities. Population and Family Planning Bureau of the implementation of rural family planning reward and Shaosheng kuaifu project, family planning assistance for poor households, at the same time to carry out health advisory services to farmers, giving birth control drugs, contraceptives and other promotional materials; district judicial bureau organizes personnel to carry out activities in the countryside. District Bureau of labor and social security of migrant workers legal rights organization personnel to carry out knowledge propaganda, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers; the District Civil Affairs Bureau to carry twinning in the rural areas, poverty alleviation, love and warmth activities, carry out various forms of military and civil building activities and garrison troops. (author: Chen Yu

yuan Yuhong right Guoxing)  

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