The province released the third quarter of the human resources market operation

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recently, analysis of the operation of human resources market in third quarter of our province, from the operating situation, the third quarter of the recruitment of enterprises, private enterprises are still the backbone of the employment population, the third industry to absorb employment subject.

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that the three quarter, the market of human resources were held on-site recruitment will be 26 games, a total of 1306 units of admission provide recruitment, job number 12874, 12220 people enter the job market, supply and demand ratio is 1.05, the relationship between supply and demand is generally stable. In the three quarter of the recruitment of enterprises, the state-owned enterprises in 30, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, private enterprises, 1050, a total of 226. With the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" advocacy and related policies, a large number of Small and micro businesses have emerged, especially college graduates founded enterprises increased, new business model involves many fields Internet plus traditional industries, relatively strong demand for recruitment.

analysis of industry types, involving agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, the first industry recruitment companies have 104, involving the service industry, a total of third enterprises in the recruitment of a total of 928 enterprises, accounting for all the recruitment of enterprises in the three quarter. In order to provide the type of job, marketing is the recruitment of the most demanding jobs, especially FMCG, real estate marketing and other industry recruitment needs. Affected by the seasonal, the third quarter of catering, logistics, tourism, entertainment services compared with the first two quarters of the larger demand for recruitment.

with the introduction of a series of structural reforms of the supply side of the implementation of the measures, focusing on the construction, mining and other industries demand less coal. Due to the coastal areas and other economically developed areas of the manufacturing sector to pick up, the third quarter of the province to go to the province to recruit enterprises significantly increased.

three quarter of this year’s graduates recruitment significantly increased, but some college graduates are still difficult employment. The responsible person explained that the main reason for the non key universities and more popular professional college graduates is not easy to find jobs; part of college graduates in the occupation planning is still blank, employment difficulties of college graduates; greater mobility in the private sector, not stable employment. The majority of graduates are keen to choose employment in state-owned enterprises, there are a considerable number of difficult employment of graduates with postgraduate studies and by civil servants and institutions examination to ease employment pressure.


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