Xining City 2013 the annual rate of medical insurance for residents of up to 99 6%

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reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Social Security Bureau, the 2013 year of the basic medical insurance for urban residents in Xining (hereinafter referred to as residents of health insurance) insurance payment time is on December 31, 2012 deadline. At present, Xining city residents medical insurance premium payment is completed 423 thousand people (including residents under the age of 18 to pay the insured insurance payment of 198 thousand and 500 people, 169 thousand adults, the elderly insurance payment 53 thousand and 900 people), 31 thousand more than last year, the city’s residents medical insurance coverage rate reached 99.6%, to achieve full coverage. City Social Security Bureau has completed the insured person’s annual data conversion at 0:00 on January 1, 2013, you can enjoy the medical treatment in 2013.

according to the Municipal Social Security Bureau Xiao Hong introduced, in order to achieve a comprehensive coverage of the residents of health insurance, the City Social Security Bureau continued to reform and innovation, and more initiatives to promote the coverage of Medicare coverage of residents increased significantly. In order to make residents medical insurance this Huimin policy more deeply in the hearts and minds of people from the "want me insurance" to "I want insurance, social insurance bureau and make full use of various information platform publicity related policies, and will be printed 180 thousand copies of promotional materials through the policy, the county social Security Bureau and the Township Office, community committees, distributed to the hands of residents or posted to the resident building. For college students in Colleges and Universities under the characteristics of the insured units of collective insurance, office of City Social Security Bureau and the Provincial Department of education organization of college students health insurance will earnestly implement the measures, all included in the new year of insurance, the insurance rate reached 100%.

at the same time, the city’s Social Security Bureau also optimized the residents Medicare payment reimbursement process, to achieve the insured in the community, the payment in the ABC, card treatment of immediate billing reimbursement". Since 2011, the implementation of municipal co-ordination within the city, all residents Medicare designated medical institutions for Medicare treatment card network immediate settlement, convenient for residents to visit and remote settlement, and earnestly solve the insured residents "queuing" and "advance" and "errands" problem. Residents turn out of medical insurance, remote hospital reimbursement process is simplified, shorten the reimbursement cycle, received from different places, transfer reimbursement documents from the date of 5 working days to complete reimbursement reimbursement. Residents health insurance benefits have greatly improved, based on individual contributions in the same financing standard increased to 400 yuan per capita; level three, level two, level of hospital reimbursement of designated medical institutions increased to 70%, 80%, 90%; the Medicare residents, workers and the new rural cooperative medical insurance drug list for the integration, the implementation of a unified the basic medical insurance drug list in the province; from September 1, 2012 onwards, in the public medical institutions in the implementation of the first hospitalization settlement service model; from December 1, 2012 onwards the implementation of Medicare residents medical insurance. The introduction of these new policies, so that insured residents really feel the benefits, thereby enhancing the enthusiasm of the insured. (author: Rong Lijun)

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