Xining landless farmers new agricultural insurance social security merger

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reporter from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that, at present, Xining landless farmers social endowment insurance work is in full swing. Members of the Working Group in-depth counties touch base, engage in calculation, based on cohesion and land, finance and other relevant departments, the county is considering the introduction of practical implementation measures, and strive to make Xining landless farmers as soon as possible to enjoy the old-age insurance benefits.

it is understood that the landless farmers social endowment insurance and the new rural social endowment insurance system organic convergence, two social insurance system can be implemented, the merger of individual account management. According to the related policy, before I in December 31, 2012 (the old land expropriated farmers), calculated by households per capita surplus less than 0.3 acres of land, and hold the second round of land contracting warrants in land acquisition, 16 years of age, the basic pension insurance for urban employees in nationality farmers, according to voluntarily, can participate in the new rural social endowment insurance and the landless peasants’ social endowment insurance; after January 1, 2013 (the new land expropriated farmers), all in accordance with the "Qinghai province land requisition and standard of unified annual production area comprehensive land (Trial)" as the base pay of landless farmers social endowment insurance. In landless farmers social endowment insurance for peasants in land expropriation of local urban residents minimum living standards for the base year, by 35% the proportion of one-time payment of 15 years of pension insurance, the implementation of people’s governments above the county level land expropriation of land expropriated farmers for individual payment subsidies, to determine the local urban residents minimum living standard subsidies 15% years standard for land acquisition, the financial sector priority from land leasing one-time extraction 15 years payment subsidies. To meet the conditions for the treatment of pension recipients, the local government to assume 120 yuan per month basic pension. The conditions of the village collective can also be insured to pay subsidies. After the acquisition of land expropriated farmers to join the new minimum monthly salary of agricultural insurance can reach 410 yuan. The land units or the people’s governments of the cities (counties) who have applied for the land shall not be allowed to approve the requisition of land and the land for approval. (author: Rong Lijun)

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