The province will solve the problem of eight types of non registered permanent residence registratio

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May 23rd, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, the province issued "on the settlement of the implementation of the views of" no account personnel registration account issues will be formally implemented in June 10th, the "opinions" will solve eight types of non registered accounts personnel problems.

8 no account personnel can be registered as follows: no account personnel do not meet the family planning policy; not for the "birth certificate" no person accounts; not the procedures for adoption in the adoption of no account personnel; declaration of disappearance or death after the account was cancelled due to marriage in rural areas; the cancellation of origin accounts personnel; no account personnel account migration certificate is lost or exceed the term of validity of the cause; no person accounts of our citizens and foreigners, stateless persons born out of wedlock; no other accounts staff. In addition, documentation requirements, prohibit the establishment of any pre conditions do not meet the household registration regulations, the full implementation of the province household registration and family planning policies do not meet the social compensation fee decoupling mechanism, newborn babies with "born medical proof" can apply to settle down.

May 19th, the provincial public security department issued a notice, asked the province’s public security organs should conscientiously implement the "opinions" spirit, from the overall and strategic perspective to fully understand the importance and urgency of the work to settle accounts personnel, strengthen organizational leadership, careful arrangements, to ensure that the policies implemented, will solve accounts registered as basis to accelerate the reform of the household registration system, build a new household registration system, and effectively solve the problem of no account registration account, according to the law to protect every citizen of a registered resident accounts, and strive to achieve the account number and citizenship accuracy, the only authoritative target.

it is understood that, according to the law is a basic law to register the citizens of the basic rights of citizens, residents account is an important legal proof of identity. However, due to historical reasons, there are still a small number of people in the province did not account, or long-term account registration, which gives them a lot of inconvenience to life, work.


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