Xining low temperature will remain hovering at 19

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The winter of Xining, wrapped in cold, a lot of people are shouting cold, days of urban minimum temperature at -17 degrees Celsius, reached the lowest at -19.9. Whether the temperature will rise? In December 20th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, although the city in sunny weather, but the lowest temperature is still hovering around -19 degrees celsius. City Meteorological Station staff told reporters that the next three days the city’s weather to sunny, but the temperature will not go straight up. 21, the city’s lowest temperature at -19 degrees Celsius, is likely to reach -20. 22 and 23, the minimum temperature has increased, but the magnitude of the increase is not. In addition, the reporter learned from the major hospitals and community health service station, this time the number of patients with throat diseases and cold patients increased a lot more than a few days ago. The doctor suggested that because the weather is dry and cold, the public must wear more clothes to keep warm, appropriate to place in the house of water or other tools to increase humidity, prevent colds and throat diseases.  

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