Xining City Health Bureau on the spot to guide the county health and epidemic prevention work

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About one week after the flood disaster in

, it is a sensitive period for the occurrence of waterborne diseases and infectious diseases. In order to further implement the disaster prevention work in Datong County, August 17th Xining Municipal Health Bureau leadership led health supervision and disease control experts in a line of 10 people in the rain came to the most serious treasure Xiang Si Tong village is affected, and Datong County Health and food and drug administration, health supervision and disease control center the relevant staff to prevent the scene to see the village was destroyed by mudslides, Clinic buried houses and affected the hygienic status of drinking water the villagers.
in the field of view of the process, the City Health Bureau leaders and experts in Datong County health administrative departments and the professional institutions of post disaster epidemic prevention work fully affirmed, and the specific guidance of health and epidemic prevention work in the next step, one should conscientiously do a good job in the affected people resettlement disinfection work,. Control agencies and health supervision institutions to do disinfection for resettlement living area, drinking water quality monitoring and supervision of food safety supervision work. Two give full play to the role of health supervision and assisting the routine inspections, supervision and inspection efforts to strengthen the affected village drinking water, found that the problem of drinking water quality, health supervision and disease control departments should timely intervention to prevent the occurrence of water-borne disease and outbreak. Three to increase the affected people in the scientific aspects of water publicity and education, so that the water as far as possible in the upper reaches of the water must be boiled before disinfection, and guide them to the scientific use of alum, effervescent tablets and other water purification. Four to urge the villagers committee to strengthen the management of human and animal waste, timely removal of the remains of animals and plants buried in corruption, to prevent the spread of intestinal infectious diseases and other diseases, epidemic. Fifth, immediately set up medical centers in the affected villages, to provide a simple necessary medical services for the affected people, and earnestly shoulder disease reporting work.

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