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July 1st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Organization Department personnel department, as of the end of last year, the total amount of 93 thousand people in Xining, with more than mid-level titles of up to 14 thousand people, highly skilled personnel of 1714 people. This year, the city continue to further promote the project to cultivate all kinds of talents, increase efforts to create talents borrow wisdom, talent development heights, provide strong support for the talent "two city" construction.

gold and silver award of outstanding talents

municipal government adhere to the service principle of priority, and constantly improve the security personnel incentive mechanism, optimize the talent development environment, have introduced the "Xining City talent training and introduction of a number of opinions", "Xining city personnel work advanced collectives and talent selection incentives" system, every 3 years to elect from the areas of the city number of personnel work advanced collective, outstanding talent award in recognition, and give the advanced collective 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan reward outstanding talent.

at the same time, vigorously promote advanced models, in the whole society to further create a good atmosphere of "four respects". The city government allocated 2 million yuan of special funds to support the work of personnel. The establishment of the municipal leaders contact high-level personnel system, regularly carry out visits and condolences to the service activities, seek advice and suggestions, and actively coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in their work and life. Based on the arrangement of municipal office personnel talents went abroad to recuperate, special training, demonstration and communication on this year also organized a "healthy" hundred talents, a free medical examination for the city’s 200 outstanding talents in different fields and different industries. In addition, to actively implement the research doctorate or master the introduction of students of housing subsidy policy, strive to create talents of people and undertaking work environment.

ten projects nurture more talent

implementation of the "talent gathering project", to further implement the personnel training, attracting, using various policy measures to attract talents; the implementation of the "quality improvement project, increase all kinds of talents training; the implementation of the" incubator "project, through the establishment of" talent incubator "to provide services of public welfare projects, information, location and policy the entrepreneur; the implementation of the" expert services group project, organization of outstanding experts to carry out "Xining city group of experts Service grassroots activities; the implementation of the" young talent development and the introduction of the project ", to further increase the outstanding young talent reserve, enhance the future competitiveness of talents; the implementation of the" college graduates grassroots training project "to guide and encourage college graduates to the grass-roots employment, training talents; the implementation of the" rural practical talents training project" In order to cultivate practical talents for rural leaders, focusing on the construction of a new rural construction to meet the needs of rural practical talents; the implementation of the "project" training technical personnel, accelerate the construction of industrial technology innovation talents; the implementation of teacher training project ", through training, academic exchanges, project funding and other ways to speed up the education of talents construction; the implementation of the" talent brand project ", and strive to create and adapt to the social development of talent brand.


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