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in recent years, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication to strengthen the responsibility to implement the plan, accelerate the construction of modern public cultural service system, and effectively improve people’s livelihood and cultural, to promote the province’s economic and social development, and achieved remarkable results. The province’s existing 49 libraries, cultural centers of the 55, the township comprehensive cultural stations of the 369. Among them, the implementation of a series of cultural infrastructure construction and cultural Huimin project, the province has basically formed a position services, mobile services, digital services, the trinity of five public cultural service network system.

province overall planning, since last year introduced a series of measures to accelerate the implementation of the construction of modern public cultural service system policies and measures for the construction of the province’s public cultural service system provides a strong support. At the same time increase investment, strengthen public cultural infrastructure. Among them, the Provincial Library (two), the provincial cultural center, the Provincial Museum of fine arts construction projects completed this year. Establish and improve the government led, financial investment, social forces to participate in the public cultural input mechanism, the province’s government expenditure at all levels of government expenditure increased year by year. Actively promote public cultural facilities free and open the project, the province’s 49 libraries, 55 cultural centers, 369 township cultural stations are open for free, accessible, zero threshold, public facilities are open free of charge, basic services provided by all free. Our province to promote the demonstration area to create work, enrich the content of public cultural services, to create a brand of public cultural activities, etc., have achieved success.


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