42 year old Wang Xianliang re determined to do yak King

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more than and 40 years of age, generally have a career, but also to assume family responsibilities, there are few people in this age all start again. The 42 year old Wang Xianliang was a very prosperous "Beef in Brown Sauce" shop, but he was not satisfied with the status quo of entrepreneurship again at the age of 40. This time, he will grow more than 4000 meters above sea level in the introduction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau Pingdu, in the village opened a yak hot pot. "I’m going to be the king of yak!" Lift the immediate goal, Wang Xianliang said with confidence.

20 years old is the village million households

this year, 42 year old Wang Xianliang, who lives in Pingdu City and Street Stone Temple village. In 1988, he graduated from high school, after an acquaintance was in Pingdu a relatively well-known chef apprenticeship. Three years, good Wang Xianliang cooking technology steadily climb, and he’s "sauce beef" is to make the master praised.

is always impulsive. 1991, 20 year old Wang Xianliang regardless of the opposition of the family, resolutely resigned from a high paying job, in the city of Pingdu City rented a storefront, began selling sauce beef business road.

Because of Wang Xianliang’s

Beef in Brown Sauce making technology unique, mellow taste, in order to customers in a continuous line. As the first batch of meat processing trade businesses, Wang Xianliang’s reputation spread to more and more wide, business was young he revenue twenty thousand yuan, became the first village 20 years old "million households".

with yak meat to start again

in dealing with beef for more than and 10 years, with the economic accumulation, disgruntled Wang Xianliang turned to cattle breeding, slaughtering and processing. In an online browsing of information, Wang Xianliang and a yak farmers in Tibet to establish a contact.

in 2010, a livestock fair, Wang Xianliang and the farmers who made a more detailed discussion of the exchange. After more than a year’s time, I went to Tibet to visit the market many times, do not understand the problem on the Internet or telephone consultation." Recall that year, Wang Xianliang said with a smile, at that time, a lot of people say I’m stupid, do not do a good job of doing things around the people did not do, is a waste of money adventure."

actually, I also have their own small abacus, I’m not at risk." Wang Xianliang said that for the past two years, cattle and sheep fake news, although his own shop is doing conscience meat, but he believes that high-end, scarce products more market. "In Tibet, when purchasing yak products, local farmers also said that I was the first to buy yak meat products in Shandong." After yak meat repeatedly recommended in Pingdu

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