Xining take measures to actively promote the transfer of rural labor force and employment of College

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to stabilize the employment situation, ease the employment pressure, Xining actively take measures to promote the transfer of rural labor force and employment of College students. One is to collect effective information to lay a good foundation for the transfer of rural labor employment; according to the characteristics of employment of rural labor, timely collection, screening and release for rural workers employment information workers, encourage them to go out and work hard to get rich. The two is to carry out special activities for the transfer of employment of farmers to build a service platform; has held the "2009 spring action" large-scale publicity and recruitment and the rural labor force special recruitment, provide employment information for the employment of migrant farmers, carry out policy advice, to provide occupation guidance services. Three is to expand employment channels, and actively develop college students internship positions. From 2008 to 2010, a total of 1000 college students were trained to provide work experience for college students. The four is to expand the small loans to support, the urban college graduates, returning more than half of the farmers or migrant entrepreneurship entrepreneurship into small secured loans, to encourage their own businesses, play a multiplier effect of entrepreneurship. Five is to gradually achieve a unified urban and rural training system. Increase the work of migrant workers and migrant workers in rural areas to invest in skills training funds, training subsidies are 1.5 yuan per person per hour to raise to $2 per person per hour. Six is to carry out a series of activities in 2009 employment services. Carry out the "college graduates employment service activities", "employment assistance activities", "spring action series of activities such as public employment services and special activities in Xining city" 2009 young and fair employment recruitment "," autumn cotton picking activities". To provide employment services for enterprise employees and job seekers, and provide a good two-way choice for enterprises and workers. (municipal labor and Social Security Bureau)




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