Shanghai Qinghai economic and social development forum held in Xining

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yesterday, the Shanghai municipal Party and government delegation arrived in Xining, the province will conduct a three day investigation. Yesterday afternoon, Shanghai · Qinghai economic and social development forum held at the Qinghai Convention center. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Shanghai party secretary Yu Zhengsheng, Secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Committee, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Qiang Wei respectively made an important speech. Luo Huining, vice governor of Qinghai provincial Party committee and governor of Shanghai Province, vice mayor of the city of, introduced the economic and social development of two provinces and cities.

Shanghai Municipal Committee, Secretary General Yin Hong, chairman of the CPPCC Qinghai Province Ren Qing Jia, the provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Mu Dongsheng, Provincial Standing Committee of provincial Party committee, Secretary General Wang Xiaoqing, vice governor Liu Zhiqiang attended the forum.

Yu Zhengsheng said at the forum, Shanghai Qinghai, Golog targeted aid, is central to the glorious mission of Shanghai, is also our responsibility. We should intensify efforts to do targeted aid work, to further deepen cooperation and exchanges between the two places, under the joint efforts of both sides, the Shanghai Qinghai, Golog targeted aid work better.

Yu Zhengsheng at the Forum on behalf of the Shanghai municipal government delegation thanked the Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government of Shanghai to support Qinghai Golog work support, support for Shanghai Qinghai cadres Golog concern and support and help. Yu Zhengsheng said, we came to Qinghai, first of all to learn from Qinghai. In recent years, Qinghai comrades always carry forward the "special ability to endure hardship, to fight, especially patience, especially to unity, especially dedicated to" the spirit of the Tibetan Plateau, has always been the spirit of a people, I am ten, "the spirit of hard work, firmly grasp the primary task of development, overcome all kinds of difficulties and challenges, in the extremely under difficult conditions, has made new achievements in economic and social development. We have to learn to seize the opportunity of Qinghai, the spirit of the spirit of difficulties, learning Qinghai initiative as a work to accelerate the development of energy, promote innovation driven, transformation and development in Shanghai.

Yu Zhengsheng said that Shanghai’s development cannot do without the support of the whole country, well targeted aid Qinghai Guoluo work is the bounden duty of Shanghai. We should be in accordance with the central requirements, to further increase the targeted aid efforts in aid of green technology, talent youth assistance more focus on the targeted aid work better and more solid, really meet the needs of the actual development and the reality of Qinghai. Shanghai Youth assistance to cadres in the Qinghai provincial government and the State Commission, Golog under the leadership of the government, to seriously study the local cadres and the masses, to do targeted aid work, not to live up to the Party Central Committee’s trust and trust.

Qiang Wei on behalf of the Qinghai provincial government and the province’s 5 million 680 thousand people of all ethnic groups in the speech, said to the Shanghai city government on behalf of a warm welcome to Shanghai for many years to give Qinghai the concern and support expressed heartfelt thanks for the great achievements made by Shanghai, sincerely feel proud!

Qiang Wei said, central to the green counterpart aid after the decision, Shanghai municipal Party committee, municipal government resolutely implement the central decision-making, to implement the spirit of the document, the green counterpart aid work in the forefront, not only to promote the rapid and sustainable development of social economy but also promote Golog;

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