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to the winter of the year, winter more pollution, has become a law. Meteorological factors is one of the important conditions of atmospheric quality, what is the role of meteorological conditions in air pollution in our province, which should be paid attention to in the air pollution control? In this regard, meteorological experts believe that the air pollution in Xining, weather conditions are very obvious control.

concerned about the long-term atmospheric pollution Chinese atmospheric background station, meteorological observatory base is studying the level of senior engineer de Ligl introduction, human emissions into the atmosphere, has experienced a complex physical and chemical process, solar illumination, atmospheric circulation, temperature, air pressure, wind, rain and snow Zhi Yun can influence the type of pollutant and the strength and the performance of time and space. Serious air pollution in North China last year, with the climate of North china. Because of the influence of weak cold air in winter in North China, the atmosphere is stable, and the southeast coastal areas to maintain a long time, the sea breeze blowing, which flows from the north and the south in the East China area convergence, poor air pollutants, resulting in long entrenched situation. For this reason, recently, Beijing and other places to develop early warning standards for environmental air based on Meteorological conditions.

experts believe that our province due to high altitude, cold air from the north, approaching the western province after not directly on the plateau, and along the Hexi Corridor eastward south, when it came to the eastern part of the plateau, a part of the air flow westward along the Huangshui River Valley, we called the "reverse flow". In the blocking of the flow under the local pollutant diffusion cannot be excluded, also will be the eastern region of Lanzhou and other pollutants carried over, causing local pollutants and external contaminants superimposed situation, aggravated the pollution weather. Air drying is also one of the reasons for the increase in pollution, air dry ground dust easily into the atmosphere, less precipitation, floating in the air pollutants can not be settled. The city is large in scale, is too concentrated, easy to form a "urban heat island effect", "heat island effect" in urban air near the earth warming formation over the city closed the warm air in winter, easy to form a diffusion barrier layer inversion, inversion of pollutants not only, also caused the dissipation of water evaporation, air drier. Many mountains in Xining and our province eastern area, mountain gully in windward and leeward arranged in a crisscross pattern, terrain surface wind "turbulence", caused by air pollutants to each other and wrapped in a small environment, difficult to dissipate transfer.

de Ligl said, prevention and control of air pollution, protect and improve the climate environment is very important. First of all, according to the meteorological conditions to do a good job of scientific urban planning, rational layout of the city scale, Xining Valley City, the city should not be too large and too concentrated, to protect the flow of air and water channels. At the same time, the reasonable layout of heating system, building materials as far as possible the use of sunlight is weak and strong heat absorbing material, in order to control the temperature rise near, prevent the inversion layer and the intensification of the "heat island effect".

according to the characteristics of wind direction in Xining, North and west of the city to control the construction of high-rise buildings. Easy to produce pollution of high energy consumption and high polluting enterprises to avoid being built in the Lee area. Highway and other high traffic roads, etc.;

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