To strengthen the awareness of the people to create a new image of environmental protection

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Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Chengbei district leadership at the Party committee under the "General requirements of the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure cure, closely around" for the people, pragmatic and honest theme, always keep in mind the "serve the people" the purpose of the rapid development of educational practice, the activities concentrate on the theme, highlighting the characteristics, progress.

the propaganda mobilization provided public awareness

the close combination of activities and work with each other and mutual promotion: to carry out special inspections of environmental pollution, issued a rectification notice to shut down 42 construction site, put forward specific rectification requirements. Ban closed 23 scattered coal yard, intends to ban the coal yard 10. Accelerate the coal to gas, the requirements of the various units of governance and Gas Co signed a contract to complete the project on schedule. To strengthen the regulation of soot, the new catering industry and the relevant enterprises require the installation of fume purification devices or dedicated flue high-altitude emissions, the use of clean energy stoves and other measures. Established in the North District of small and medium-sized production and processing enterprises to standardize the work of the leading group to strengthen the supervision of small and medium enterprises, to minimize pollution sources. To carry out prizes 110 propaganda, a total of 36 complaints from the public, the Information Center online complaints from the 1. Environmental protection duty supervisor to improve public participation in environmental protection supervision and management. Establish a joint conference system based on industry and regional governance responsibilities, North District government, Biological Park Administrative Committee and the management committee did carry out their duties, fulfill their duties, do comprehensive management area Seongbuk work environment. Make full use of media publicity, timely release of environmental management information, enhance public awareness. To focus on the disposal of hazardous waste, transfer and chemical, heavy metals and industrial parks focused on the development of the source of environmental safety hazards investigation. At the same time, to carry out the protection of the blue sky, clean the people activities, the establishment of environmental protection low-carbon day".  

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