Xining City north of the 83 pharmacies striving for honest pharmacy

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to build a fair and honest market environment, regulate the operation of drug trading enterprise, from now on, north of the city of Xining City District Health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau will organize the area 83 pharmacies, drug safety credit system construction, the construction supervision system of credit grading instrument.

according to the Xining Municipal Health Department of the state, province, the relevant provisions of the north area of health and food and Drug Administration formulated the "North District to strengthen the implementation of pharmaceutical enterprises and drug safety credit system construction measures", according to the credit rating standard for evaluation, supervision area 83 drug enterprises, encourage enterprises to exist and trustworthy management, give warning the credit problem of the enterprise, and the focus of supervision. At the same time, the evaluation result of appropriate public enterprise credit level and bad behavior, promote the pharmaceutical enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, to ensure that by the end of October, fully completed within the jurisdiction of a pharmaceutical trading enterprise credit rating.

addition, Chengbei district will improve the area of pharmaceutical enterprise credit archives and archives supervision, establishing the basic information data of drug companies to improve the timely, improve the region’s drug business supervision platform, achieve the pharmaceutical enterprises to check records, issue tracking, corrective feedback, data integrity, mutual sharing of information object. (author: Peng Nafan health building)

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