The West District of Xining City 147 old families courtyard changed

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recently, Xining college Lane 1 hospital, a provincial branch of the construction of the Western Hills of a hospital and other comprehensive renovation project has been delivered. This means that the west end of the city of Xining through the construction of six consecutive years of investment, the area of the old homes of all the homes of the hospital all the transformation completed 147.

The existing old families courtyard

west area basically built in the 60 century to 80s, most of the bankrupt enterprise and pure residents gathered, the resident population of unemployed persons, households and households, rental households, per capita income is low. At the same time, hospital roads, drainage pipe network and other facilities due to disrepair, residents travel sunny one soil, rain mud. Optional pull wires and temporary storage of housing and other residents to bring a lot of security risks.

in recent years, the West District Construction Bureau for the old school building, to improve urban quality to the concept of refinement, has invested 17 million 620 thousand yuan, maintenance, transformation of the old families of hospital building area 125. 2013, West District Construction Bureau invested 5 million yuan, the transformation of the remaining old buildings in the District of the hospital network, roads, and other 22. Through a series of transformation and renovation, the old problems such as poor and dirty old buildings outstanding new homes, residents of security will be improved. (author: Wu Yachun)

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