Huangyuan court pushed 7 convenience initiatives

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Huangyuan County People’s court, and constantly improve the convenience and benefit measures in the construction convenience Litigation Services Center for the window, all aspects of the fine management concept into the trial work, launched 7 convenience initiatives to facilitate the masses. According to reports, the Huangyuan court filing hall and litigation service center dedicated, purchase convenience box, water dispenser, ink and paper, reception, filing fees, to achieve a one-stop service, to maximize the convenience of the masses to participate in the litigation activities; the establishment of the guide V Taiwan, the person responsible for the prosecution or to help people visiting, handling contact departments and personnel, in accordance with the law to answer inquiries, consultation; opening of migrant workers rights Easy Access and "balance hotline" issued prompt litigation guidelines, litigation risk, the right to guide the parties to exercise their litigation rights; judicial relief to the economic difficulties of the parties, to offer the masses involved in the litigation issued judicial aid in 146 administrative villages in the county; and all 7 communities to establish a convenient litigation liaison to justice for the people of the county’s tentacles extend to every village, to maximize Convenient case and resolving disputes, the effect is obvious; carry out clear the backlog, the petition "activities, to ensure timely completion of the task to resolve the backlog; actively promote the" Dean reception day "activities, adhere to every day in a hospital leadership reception at the same time, the implementation of the escort receivers. This year, the court of Huangyuan court received a total of 247 people visited the masses, to properly resolve the petition petition cases of 2, according to the law before handling the case of preservation of the case of 9. Convenience litigation service effect is gradually emerging.  

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