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the afternoon of January 19th, the new bridge community residents on the first floor hall bustling, just new homes on the new bridge community ushered in the fourth organized by the "invited calligrapher write couplets into the community" activities. The event, 5 calligraphers Huibi wrote couplets, send "blessing" at home, the residents get couplets with a happy smile.

More than 13

on the same day, send couplets activities in the field of ink is not ready, residents gathered around the scene in three floors and three floors, residents who want to see calligrapher to write couplets, also want to bring back a pair of stained with joy. The event began, calligraphers writing, forgot to drink a slobber, for the residents to write a new year’s blessing, a pair of couplets to show in front of everyone, the residents are enjoying the…… "I love calligraphy, today is really a feast for the eyes, I wondered how much later, with a pair of back to my daughter, can let her home with handwritten couplets." The new bridge community residents Uncle Wang cheerfully told reporters. Mr. Guo Xin Hai community residents said: "evening news service for everyone to think is good, after events like this do some tricks, some more." At the scene, to get the Spring Festival couplets with the calligraphers who posed for pictures……

today 10:30 – 12:30 youth Lane community, 13:30 – 15:30 bridge community, the evening newspaper, invited the calligrapher into the community to write spring festival activities and so you come, a limited number of Spring Festival couplets, first come first served.


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