Burning garbage to discredit Xining face

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newspaper news (reporter Fang Xu) in order to make Xining the sky bluer, the environmental protection departments of our province to strengthen supervision, to prevent the dust from road dust pollution to increase the garbage incineration point control, built-up area is strictly prohibited open burning of garbage, a renovation of the great in strength and impetus the air pollution is a protracted war. With the evening news hotline heating up, the public to provide us with a number of clues affecting air quality, and in many clues, the first to bear the brunt of air pollution caused by burning garbage.

roadside vendors lit garbage

lives in Xin Ning Jiayuan district Mr. Wang said, they live in the district open space in front of the building, set up a perennial garbage, at this time of the year, some people will trash fire, especially at night with smoke, let residents Voices of discontent. Mr. Wang also worried that once the spread of the fire, and no one control, any development will lead to disaster. Reporters rushed to the front of the building was found in the trash filled with smoke, the fire is very prosperous, next to a cleaner from time to time to pour into the fire just cleaned the garbage and leaves. The sweeper told reporters that the villagers surrounding the village are also using this trash, many villagers also own yard leased to outsiders, there are nearly 200 residents in the garbage box, in the evening, the roadside small business vendors will not burn briquettes thrown into the trash, it will ignite the trash, often burst into flames, very dangerous.

herbal medicine manufacturers easy to burn waste incineration

incineration residue, heavy smoke, often near the road Bayi medicine market residents miserable, residential front is a huge Chinese herbal medicine market, every morning, the various businesses will waste dregs cleaning day before cleaning together, concentrated burned. They burned the bitter suffering of the surrounding residents, a pungent smell from the outside, the windows are closed, choking smoke choking. Over the past few years, not only did not reduce the number of merchants who burn, with the expansion of their business scale, the phenomenon of burning medicinal herbs instead intensified.

burning trash has groping

said a burning garbage, Sea Lake Road market surrounding residents all shook his head, Zhou aunt in this market door noodles do business, she said, the market surrounding a shabby dustbin into some fun props with fire". Because of the approaching market, here the trash every day is "eat" meal, rotten leaves, broken carton, old wood, will soon heap a hill package". And nothing else, people will be on the "hill" moving from the crooked brains, broken carton lit inside, the last garbage burned more prosperous, while the garbage box with black smoke, people are not close.

welcomes the general public to continue to report on the pollution of the air, reporting hotline: 12369, 8230541; report mailbox:

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